Ritual for single person – example

Here’s my outline, entirely based off the group ritual as derived from Burkert:

  1. Wash and dress in clean clothing.
  2. Before the start of the ritual, light the hearth fire, and a hymn to Hestia is spoken (I prefer Homeric Hymn #24)
  3. Purification. Ritually declare that the space is pure for the festival and sacrifice to the gods
    Here is my ritual for purifying a space. This can be done as simply or as complicated as you like, or even as a stand-alone ritual.
  4. Offering, usually of barley If you’re lacking on barley, an offering of fruit, incense, cakes, or whatever’s appropriate for the festival or ritual in question will do
  5. Invocation of the god or gods For a large group ritual, there is usually this section on top of the hymnodia.
    This is essentially the meat of the ceremony, where you make your intentions known as to how and why you are holding this ritual for the god, thank them for past aid and presence, and possibly offer your own hopes and prayers for the future, again as appropriate. See the prayer page for further details.
  6. Sacrifice and more offerings
  7. Libations Milk, honey, wine, olive oil, or water will do
    This can be done by libating it into a bowl to be carried outside later, or poured into a sink if you are limited on space.
  8. Conclusion Thank the god(s)

For a group ritual outline, click here.

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