Delphic Maxims

The Delphic Maxims were posted at Delphi, and were said to be directly from the lips of Apollo Himself. The sixteen most commonly known ones which are looked to as tenets of our religion are the following:

  • Nothing too much
  • Know thyself
  • Aid friends
  • Control anger
  • Shun unjust acts
  • Acknowledge sacred things
  • Hold on to learning
  • Praise virtue
  • Avoid enemies
  • Cultivate kindsmen
  • Pity supplicants
  • Accomplish your limit
  • When you err, repent
  • Consider the time
  • Worship the divine
  • Accept old age

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More information on the virtues in Hellenismos can be found on this page on eusebeia, better known as piety from the Hellenic perspective.

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