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Rituals! We love them or we hate them. I love them passionately. I'm like a geek with her latest toy. They don't have to be elaborate, painful, difficult to memorize or learn, or difficult to assemble without five million footnoted texts on what Walter Burkert says about Greek Religion.

There's already been an assembled ritual outline as presented in Drew Campbell's book Old Stones, New Temples, which is currently out of print and will be released in a second edition in the future. However, that outline is not precisely what is laid out in Burkert's book Greek Religion, and for clarity's sake I have reconstructed the outline based on the thusia or sacrifice ritual.

Here are the links to my rituals and practices:
All of these were reconstructed using Walter Burkert's Greek Religion, an excellent source of information.

For those interested in discussing the theology of Hellenismos, particularly in relation to what it means for us in this day and age to be a Hellenist, I recommend VERY highly the Hellenismos_Theology emailing list.

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