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Greek Organizations/Churches
  • Hellenion (US/International)
  • Dadoukhoi (US/International)
  • Eleusinion (US/International)
  • Elaion (US/International)
  • Neokoros (US/International)
  • Promachos Organization (US/International - membership not limited to those in Hellenismos)
  • Supreme Council of the Gentile Hellenes (Greece)

  • Daitales - Boston, MA
  • Hellenotamiai of Hellenion - Washington, DC metro area (including southern Maryland, northern Virginia and the District of Columbia)
  • The Hellenion Proto-Demos tes Hagnes Persephones of Hellenion - Northwestern PA and southwestern NY
  • Thiasos Olympikos (Northern California)
  • AOTSC.TDC. Fellowships (Southern California)

    Discussion Boards/Emailing lists
  • Axe & Oak Reconstructionist and Traditionalist Discussion Board - Hellenic section
  • DelphicForums - Hellenic Pagan
  • Hellenismos_Theology

    Resources and Information
  • Bibliotecha Arcana
  • Cheiron, Hellenic Pagan site
  • Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism
  • Den of Kerberos
  • The Hellenic Polytheist Notebook
  • Primary Texts -
  • The Perseis Project An excellent database of Greek and Roman information
  • Sannion's Sanctuary - Hellenic Polytheism
  • Shadows of Olympus
  • Sponde
  • Temenos Olympicos
  • Theoi project An excellent guide, about as good as the Perseis Project
  • The Stele

    Essays and pages of interest
  • Eusebeia: Principles of Hellenic Piety hosted by eCauldron
  • Hellenotamiai general information - Delphic Maxims
  • HMEPA: Hellenic Month Established Per Athens Hellenic Calendar
  • Religious Calendar for Hellenismos
  • Classical Greetings and Closings for those interested in Greek and/or Latin.

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