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Beloved Pan, and all ye other gods who haunt this place, make me beautiful within, and grant that what-ever happens outside of me will help my soul to grow. May I always be aware that true wealth lies in wisdom, and may my "gold" be so abundant that only a wise man can lift and carry it away. For me that is prayer enough.
- Socrates

Temenos Theon is Greek for "temple of the Gods," so named in order to honor all of the Greek gods by creating this website.

This website is to serve as a resource of information for Hellenismos, or Greek religion, for those who are wish to learn more and especially for those who are new to the religion. There will be both academic information, and also a bird's eye view of my personal experiences with my religion. When called for, there will be a very strong line drawn between them as to not confuse people between my experiences and what is factually correct.

Recently new/updated (10/29/05)
  • Links to two new Hellenic organizations, Dadoukhoi and Ta Hiera, are now up on the links page.

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